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One of our experiential marketing events is to execute product sampling programs engaging customers at multicultural and specific events such as women’s shows, sporting events, colleges and more. We also customize Grand Opening Programs for retailers so that they are assured of product sampling on opening day. Online and .com programs are a great way to provide product samples to shoppers making an online purchase. Offering product samples at in-store events is a great way to reach customers who have never heard of a brand or product before. 89% of all first-time purchases were the result of a trial, so there is proof that product sampling works and 68% of the customers surveyed said they had never heard of the brand before they received a sample. There are no testers in stores, but customers still like to try before they buy – correct product sampling NOW can help you stand out from the crowd and allow the customer the experience they are missing because of COVID. 

There are many ways to distribute product samples and CosPro Marketing can help; we have distributed more than 90 million product samples and have a variety of affordable programs that can get your product sampling done!

It is time to do product sampling now or plan for 2nd half when the world opens back up. Here are some ways to do product sampling and why:

1. People are still using curbside and instore pickup and delivery – this means they are not seeing your brand at the store. 70% of all purchase decisions are made in store, 30% are unplanned (impulse). By doing product sampling on a regular basis, you are giving your brand the exposure it is missing by foot traffic in store. Consider adding your product samples to curbside or delivery packages – not only does the customer get a delightful gift, but your product also gets trial.

2. Product sampling is relatively inexpensive – for example you can send them direct via the mail – Bulk mail rates are low and you don’t have to pay somebody to stand in a store or at an event and hand out samples. Although we do miss in-person events, that’s a big plus if you’re worried about costs, particularly if your product can be mailed in a small package. CosPro Marketing can handle your product sampling via direct mail for you.

3. Consider shared vendor target product sampling – sharing lowers your product sampling costs and results in higher ROI.

a. The world is slowly opening back up and by back-to-school time most colleges will reopen and by fall we can expect to see concerts again. CosPro Marketing has a college product sampling program that places your product samples (combined with others) on the doors of dorm rooms AND at exits after concerts.

b. By fall community events will be back – even if with masks required – these events are perfect for product sampling and bouncing customers back into stores or your website. CosPro Marketing sends their street teams to different community events distributing product samples that target multi-cultural consumers.

c. Both programs above plus a new men’s product sampling program provide up to 20,000 product sampling bags distributed at these venues for a total cost of $6000 (only 30 cents per sample – less than bulk mail). And these are being distributed in person directly to your target customer. One participant saw a 467% increase in website hits while participating in one of our community product sampling events.

4.Consider adding customized QR codes to your product samples or have CosPro Marketing enhance your product samples with more engaging packaging or adhere to coupons or special discount codes. The QR code can take customers directly to your website or a chains .com for an immediate full size purchase. Or you can gain user generated content by having the QR code direct them to review the product they just sampled. CosPro Marketing can also create tutorial videos that the QR code can link to – there are dozens of ways to make these product samples really work for you. All this can help measure the ROI of product sampling. .

We can help!

Whichever product sampling program you choose to participate in, product sampling is a winning proposition that will lead to brand recognition as well as sales. Call CosPro Marketing now for your FREE consultation on product sampling, or ways to enhance your current product sampling campaign or discuss any other experiential marketing activity.

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