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We can help you engage, delight, and truly connect with your customers.

Research has shown that shoppers who engage spend 60% more per transaction* and 52% of shoppers made impulse buys after trial of a product**. It’s a fact that customer retention is 5 to 25 times cheaper*** than acquisition so it’s essential to engage the existing shoppers and retain them with benefits and loyalty programs. With Amazon as a constant easy-to-shop alternative, retailers need to step up their shopper interaction skills.

Our proven shopper engagement programs are shared by vendors and our unique business model makes many of these programs AT NO COST to retailers. We save money + time for chains!

“Working with Cospro simplifies our team’s work. The entire team is detail-oriented from a timeline perspective to execution of the event. They take all aspects of our work into consideration when working with our vendor partners. We know when we partner with Cospro, it will result in success.”

– Drug Chain Senior Manager, Beauty