Multi-vendor Boxes


Sample or full size product in
custom-designed multi-vendor/
subscription boxes

report from Royal Mail forecasts the value of the subscription box market to grow 72% by 2022, and data from across the globe appears to agree. 

First Insight’s recent survey on subscription boxes reported that 25% of American consumers (both men and women) are currently receiving a subscription box, and another 32% of respondents plan to subscribe in the next six months. 

CosPro Marketing offers beauty, health & wellness and personal care subscription boxes, perfect for both trial size or full size product. By including multiple vendors, subscription boxes are the perfect way for customers to try new brands and products they’ve never heard of before. Retailers can utilize these boxes for sale on counter or to ship free to their most loyal customers.

Participating in a subscription box program is a great opportunity for vendors to reach a large consumer base without breaking the budget. Multiple brands share the box, which helps keep the cost down.

WHY participate in our subscription box program?

  • Large customer reach
  • Vendors share cost
  • Gain new customers