A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of a UPC number – the lines actually reflect the numbers below it.

The term Beauty Box was coined by CosPro Marketing and is a program they offer at drug chains. The beauty box is distributed monthly to stores and contains testers, samples and coupons of multiple beauty brands with training materials so that the store associates or Beauty Experts can interact with customers.

A beauty expert is normally a store associate who is assigned to the beauty department and has been trained on the products/brands.

Biodegradable Packaging

Bio-degradable packaging is made from re-used or recycled materials.

A brand ambassador is a person who is trained on particular brands and assigned to stores to promote those brands.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging refers to the underlying value proposition conveyed and language used in your content. It’s what makes buyers relate to your brand by inspiring them, persuading them, motivating them, and ultimately making them want to buy your product.

Clip strips are long plastic strips with clips that adhere to store shelves so that products can be displayed in multiple locations.

Closure Rate

A closure rate is the amount of items sold divided by the number of demonstrations provided during a instore demo. A rate of 100% means one product was sold per demonstration, while a rate of 250% means 2.5 products were sold per demonstration.

Co-op Funds

Co-op funds are funds that are reserved for a chain based on a percentage of what that chain buys each quarter or annually. These funds are used to cover most of the costs of advertising and promoting the vendors’ products at that chain, for example circular ads.


Collating is the process of collecting/combining and packing items into a kit.

Counter card is a synonym for “Easel Card”. An easel card is one that has an easel backing and can stand on a counter to display a product. Some easel cards have pockets so that coupons or handouts can be inserted for consumers to take.

Cross Merchandising

The practice of marketing, or displaying products from different categories (or store departments) together (think shoes with purses on display), in order to generate additional revenue known sometimes as add-on sales, or incremental purchase. Another form of cross merchandising is to put a coupon or information about a complementary item on another item. For example, putting a coupon on mascara that is for eye makeup remover. It reminds the customer to purchase both at the same time.

Customer Engagement

Interaction between your customer and your brand. Effective customer engagement builds a strong emotional connection between your brand and customers, and successful customer engagement has been proven to increase sales.


DPI is a printing term and stands for “dots per inch” which technically means printer dots per inch – usually to mean PPI, which stands for “pixels per inch.” The higher the DPI (for example 300) to the size of the graphic (for example 5×5), the better. If you take the 5×5 300 DPI image and “blow it up” to a 10×10, the DPI is now only 150.


Direct Store Delivery – shipped via postal or express shipping services.

DTC (Direct to Consumer)

Direct to consumer involves selling a product or service directly to the customer, bypassing third parties including retailers, wholesalers or middlemen.


An easel card is one that has an easel backing and can stand on a counter to display a product. Some easel cards have pockets so that coupons or handouts can be inserted for consumers to take.

An endcap display is located on the end of shelving in a retail store. Usually a brand or a theme is featured on an endcap. CosPro Marketing can make POP materials to go on these endcaps.


Exit sampling is the distribution of product samples, gift bags and/or coupons (usually by street teams) at an event when people are leaving (or entering). For example, handing out free soft drinks on the way into a baseball game or a teen targetted bag of beauty samples when exiting a Taylor Swift concert.

Experiential marketing is a form of advertising, marketing and promotion that focuses primarily on helping consumers experience a brand.


A FSI is a “free standing insert” that often contains coupons that come in the (normally) Sunday newspaper in a insert.


Fulfillment is the process of taking an order and executing it by making it ready for delivery to its intended customer. For example, if a company wants to do a mail-in gift with purchase, CosPro Marketing can store the gifts and then ship them to the customers who qualify.

CosPro Marketing grand opening program where vendors ship their samples and coupons to our fulfillment house and we collate pretty bags to be handed out during the Grand Opening Weekend at various chains.

Green Packaging

Green Packaging is a synonym for “Bio-degradable Packaging”. Bio-degradable packaging is made from re-used or recycled materials.

GWP stands for “gift with purchase”, a very popular incentive in the beauty industry.

An in-store demo or demonstration is where a brand ambassador or makeup artist is assigned to a store to interact with customers and apply products.

An interaction kit is a kit that is created by CosPro Marketing to provide store associates with aids and training to correctly interact with customers. These kits include brand messaging on POP materials as well as samples, coupons and other consumer handouts.


Kitting is a service offered by CosPro Marketing. It is a process in which individually separate but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit. For example, we “kit” items for events in our Beauty Box programs that include POP materials, manufacturer coupons and samples. Then we ship the kits to warehouses or DSD to stores for distribution.

Launch kits are the same thing as an interaction kit. They are called Launch kits because normally these kits are created at the “launch” of a new product or brand.

A makeup artist is one who is an expert in applying makeup. The makeup artists that work for CosPro Agency must have at least 2 years experience.

Manufacturer Coupon

Manufacturer coupons are coupons containing a barcode that are placed in magazines or newspapers or sometimes distributed in a store during an in-store demo.

Market Activation

Sometimes called brand activation, this is the practice of taking products to a market and interacting with customers in a fun and experiential way. Examples include distributing samples at events, eye-catching signage and displays, support of an activity, tshirts and all types of branding. We can make great ideas come to life. One project we executed was a Times Square Takeover event in NYC including sample distributions, billboards and more.

Marketing Mix

The set of marketing tools used to accomplish a brand’s marketing strategy. Consists of the 4 P’s: product, price, place, and promotion.

Over and Above Funds

Over and above funds are monies that are not part of a vendor’s co-op spend at a specific chain but rather money that comes from National Marketing funds to cover the cost of a special program at a chain.


PM stands for push money or promotional money that is paid by a vendor to Beauty Experts when they sell a particular item from a particular brand.

POP Materials

Point of purchase materials are signs that are displayed in retail stores near the items they are promoting. CosPro Marketing creates all types of POP materials.

A roto ad is an ad in the weekly newspaper for a chain such as Walgreens or CVS, also known as circular ad.

A sample display is a cardboard display that holds samples. CosPro Marketing makes custom sample displays.

Services vs. Capabilities

Services are functions performed by a business and are non-tangible – things like event planning, consultations, graphic design, etc. are examples of services. Capabilities are what a business needs to be able to do to be successful.

Shared Cost Programs

Themed programs created by CosPro Marketing that involve multiple vendors sharing in the costs, providing the customer and retailer a better shopping event with higher ROI.

Shelf Talker

A shelf talker is a POP sign that sits on the shelf in a retail store in front of an item it is promoting.


A sidekick is a smaller display that attaches to the side of an endcap for more product display.


Stock Keeping Unit – A unique identifying number assigned to a product that allows it to be tracked for inventory purposes. Typically, an SKU (pronounced with the individual letters or as SKYEW) is associated with any purchasable item in a store or catalog.

A standee is a tall standing (usually 2 or 3 sided) display that is placed on the floor of a retail store for huge impact. CosPro Marketing has a proprietary standee that is easy to assemble.

Street teams are a group of promotional models and/or brand amassadors who are on the streets of major cities or colleges distributing products and/or samples.

Surround Sound Marketing

Surround sound marketing means using the same theme in multiple locations. For example, images and logos used in newspaper and magazine advertising is then used on store POP. This way the customer sees the brand messaging in a consistent manner.

Targeted marketing is a way to ensure that products and/or advertising is being promoted to just one portion of the market. For example, CosPro Marketing has Hispanic Sampling programs that are promoted just to the Hispanic market via community events and hand to hand sampling.

A tent card is similar to an easel card but is made from one large sheet and folded so it stands up like a tent. It can be viewed from both sides but is normally not as sturdy as an easel card.

A tester display is a cardboard display that has a spot for a tester. CosPro Marketing makes custom tester displays.


Stands for Universal Product Code – once a number is assigned to a product, it always belongs to that product. The most common form, UPC-A, consists of 12 numerical digits, which are uniquely assigned to each trade item. Numbers 2 to 5 are the manufacturer’s code (such as Revlon) the next five are normally the SKU number. The retailer inputs the UPC number into their system and can assign and change pricing at will. The UPC is the barcode mainly used for scanning of trade items at the point of sale. It also assists the retailer on inventory control and auto reordering.

User Generated Content

Also known as user created content, user generated content is content that has been created and posted by users to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It can be in the form of images, videos, audio and more.

A wall or peg talker is a POP sign that protrudes off the wall and is seen on both sides.