Product Sampling

89% of first-time purchases are the result of a trial or sample, and 70% of purchasing decisions are made in-store. Are you sampling? 

Shared Product Sampling Programs

 No other company has as many product sampling programs. We distribute millions of vendor product samples affordably in a variety of ways – including in-store, gift-with-purchase bags, .com bags, direct-to-consumer, grand openings, community events, street teams, concerts, sporting events and even at colleges. Most of our product sampling programs are customized to specific age group and/or demographic targets.

CosPro Marketing brings multiple vendors together to share the costs of experiential marketing programs including product sampling that deliver huge impacts because sharing = lower investment and higher ROI.

CosPro Marketing has distributed over 100 million samples to customers nationwide! 
68% of the customers surveyed said they had never heard of the brand before we gave them a sample.