Associate Training

The average transaction amount soars 81% after positive interaction with a sales associate. Training is essential to making sure your associates can provide helpful advice that customers expect. 70% of shoppers WANT interaction with associates.

Turn-key Associate Training Programs

A well-trained sales team translates to increased productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, a positive impact on the bottom line. CosPro Marketing develops engagement tools for associates to use to help customers find the products that fit their specific needs

Live training
CosPro Marketing has a team of professional trainers nationwide who keep attendees engaged with humor, an interactive Audience Response system, and companion bilingual training manual. Our methods boost retention and create a more enjoyable session for the attendees. By utilizing a shared vendor approach, we can save the chain and brands millions of dollars each training year. Completely turnkey, this service includes securing locations, meals, kitting, shipping, attendee gifts, and diplomas.

Remote training options

CosPro Marketing has solutions for training multitudes of associates on a regular basis. By delivering training via conference calls, interactive video, or our “Meeting in a Box”, we can assist in on-boarding new associates and provide consistent continuing education at very economical cost.

Our shared vendor training program saved one chain

$6 million per year!