The Real Life Story of Connie’s Success

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Workplace Success Tips | 0 comments

“My boss never noticed me or any of the things I did! I was spending my days meeting with suppliers and then doing my ‘real job’ at night! I had all these great ideas that I wanted to implement but just didn’t have the time, energy or help to do it.

Then I found CosPro Marketing and my life changed! They became the ‘staff’ I never had. They worked direct with the suppliers to implement the things I wanted and not only give me more time but SAVED the supplier’s money as well!

My boss actually noticed me in the hall the other day and said ‘Good Job’… now I am a SUPERSTAR!”


CosPro Marketing works with both retailers and manufacturers to facilitate experiential marketing programs. Our services include launch kits & beauty box programs, sampling programs, in-store demonstrations, customized event materials including training newsletters, signage & displays, contests & sweepstakes and more.

  • Launch Kits & Beauty Box Programs
  • Target Market Sampling
  • In-store Demonstrations