Solutions to the Top 2 Post-Covid Retail Problems

After months of solely shopping online, a survey by Headkount has reported that 8 in 10 customers want customer service assistance in the store. That means they are looking for real, live, sales associates to help them. This great news however, is met with some major setbacks that retail stores are dealing with. CosPro Marketing has the solutions to help!

Great news for retail stores – shoppers are ready and eager to get back to brick-and-mortar shopping!

Problem #1: Sales suffer due to understaffed stores

Unfortunately many store associates were furloughed or laid off to reduce overhead costs during the pandemic. Some of these employees are still concerned for their health and safety, and some of them have discovered new careers, leaving a gap that has become hard to fill at many retail stores.

Solution: Demonstrators &
sample/tester displays in stores

CosPro Marketing has over 8,000 brand ambassadors nationwide who are expertly trained to do live in-person product demonstrations, makeovers, and to help increase sales. We also offer a monthly beauty box program with options for custom in-store product tester displays and sample displays to get your product into the hands of thousands of eager shoppers.

Problem #2: Making a sale when items are out of stock

Eager customers are excited to get out of the house and go shopping at physicial stores, and expect to be able to bring items home with them at the same time. Disappointment abounds when the product they want is out of stock and missing from shelves.

Solution: Coupons for online purchases/associate training

It’s hard to make up for a product being out of stock. A coupon handed out in-stores that can be used for an online purchase, is a good way to direct the customer to where they can buy the item, plus they’ll be happy to receive a discount. Another solution is to train store associates, so in the case that a product is out of stock, they have the knowledge to recommend a comparable product to the customer.

Let’s work together to find the best solution!

Even though there are some post-Covid obstacles in retail stores, this is a great time to take advantage of the buying power of consumers who are ready to get back to brick-and-mortar shopping. Don’t miss out on sales because of missing sales associates or inventory issues. Contact us today so we can help!


CosPro Marketing works with both retailers and manufacturers to facilitate experiential marketing programs. Our services include launch kits & beauty box programs, sampling programs, in-store demonstrations, customized event materials including training newsletters, signage & displays, contests & sweepstakes and more.

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