In-Store Demonstration Featuring Vitafusion

CosPro Marketing’s Agency executed an in-store demo at 195 CVS stores in October 2023 showcasing Vitafusion gummy vitamins. They connected with 4,550 customers and a total of 932 products were sold during the event! Customers were excited to receive samples so they could taste the product before purchasing. One shopper commented “this is such a great value for the size!” and another said “my kids love Lil’ Critters!”. The event was a huge success with lots of customer interest. In addition, Brand Ambassadors were able to train 463 CVS employees on the products to assist with future sales.

  • 932 products sold
  • 7,646 samples distributed
  • 463 store associates trained on the products to help with future sales
  • 4,550 flyers distributed