Get the Look Book

As a result of the pandemic, shoppers are keeping more of a distance, and the lack of store testers means customers aren’t able to receive in-store demonstrations from beauty experts. CVS needed a way to keep beauty shoppers engaged with exciting content that would educate them on which products they can use to “get the look”.

CosPro Marketing created a program in which brands can participate in an exciting event that offers customers a free Get the Look Book including step by step tutorials and how-to’s, product suggestions, and QR codes leading to bonus content on brands’ websites. Because of the pandemic, do it yourself tutorials and coupn use are trending higher than ever. The Get the Look Book includes valuable coupons to encourage sales and makes a great take-home educational guide for customers to refer to.

  • Event includes an eye-catching table display with easel card, Get the Look Books in acrylic stand and table skirt
  • Helps associates engage with customers and build their cart
  • 70% of shoppers surveyed want interaction with associates
  • The average transaction amount soars 81% after positive interaction with an associate
  • In-store coupons have a higher redemption rate – up to 25% in our programs