In-Store Cosmetics

CosPro Marketing’s Agency completed 1,174 demonstrations at Ulta stores featuring Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Lipcolor and Vinyl Ink Lipcolor. A total of 2,344 products were sold during the event, with a closure rate of 200%! Customers were excited to receive samples and try testers before purchasing so they could choose the best shade for them. A customer from an Ulta store in CA commented, ‘I want them all!’ when exploring the shades with our Beauty Expert. The stores were thrilled with the events as well, with store manager comments including: “Amazing guest experience!”, “Such great energy and the team and guests loved her.” and “Very helpful! Would like to request additional dates!”

  • 200% closure rate!
  • 2,344 products sold
  • 5,888 samples distributed
  • 307 store associates trained on the products to help with future sales