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 CosPro Marketing works together with brands and retailers to come up with innovative solutions to specific problems as well as marketing strategies. Check out some examples of how we’ve helped clients succeed!

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Vaccine Thank You Sampling

Vaccine Thank You Sampling Program

A drugstore retailer anticipated unprecedented traf­fic in, and wanted a way to thank customers as they came into stores for their vaccines. CosPro Marketing created a custom program to meet the retailers specific needs and timeline. A complete win-win retailer made customers happy, vendors were excited to get their samples distributed so inexpensively.

  • 3 million sample bags distributed in 3 months
  • 100% vendor sponsored – no cost to chain
  • 70 brands participated
  • Cost less than 17 cents per sample to participate
  • Chain-wide distribution – almost 10,000 stores
  • 100% turnkey

Direct Mail Postcard

Direct Mail Coupons

Cake Beauty needed a way to directly reach customers located near specific stores. CosPro Marketing designed and executed a direct mail postcard that went to targeted customers within a radius of 3 high-traffic CVS Pharmacy stores in California, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.

  • 12,000 cards were mailed
  • QR code to watch video with tracking included
  • Great alternative when samples are not available!

Teen Concert Sampling

Teen Concert Sampling

Vendors wanted a way to reach this target demographic directly and gain loyal customers for years to come. We distributed 10,000 multi-vendor sampling bags at the exits of popular concerts such as Jonas Brothers, Carrie Underwood, Shawn Mendes and more.

  • The average teenager spends $9,626.76 per year
  • 93% of parents say their children influence family and household purchases
  • Teens who work make an average of $460 per month to spend on top of what their parents shell out
  • Coupons, prizes and social media elements included
  • One vendor saw 467% website hit increase

DID YOU KNOW? We have distributed over 16 MILLION samples through our Target Market Sample Programs!

College Sampling

College Sampling

Chains needed a way to tap into the college student spending power of $574 billion and gain them as loyal customers. Multi-vendor sample bags were hung directly on dorm room doors as well as distributed by a brand ambassador at sororities and campus clubs

  • 83% of undergraduate college students own at least one credit card
  • 51% are self-supported through savings or jobs
  • Average college student spends $2200 annually on personal items
  • Targeted colleges within 1 mile walking distance to top drug/mass chains
  • 10,000 bags are distributed annually

DID YOU KNOW? We have distributed over 16 MILLION samples through our Target Market Sample Programs!

Back to School – Glam Camp

Back-to-School Program

For 5 consecutive years, CosPro Marketing created, designed, and implemented a multi-media back-to-school marketing program that included a Seventeen Magazine spread, social media, website, gift-with-purchase, in-store endcap and POP, and a nationwide model search contest.

  • 150:1 return on vendor investment
  • Double-digit sales lift
  • 54 million impressions for 1/2 cent each
  • $45 million sales on participating brands
  • $168K GWP sales