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 CosPro Marketing works together with brands and retailers to come up with innovative solutions to specific problems as well as marketing strategies. Check out some examples of how we’ve helped clients succeed!

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Health Hub Launch Program

Launch Program

CVS needed a way to get the new Care Concierge to interact with customers.

CosPro Marketing created a sampling and training program for 750 CVS HealthHub Stores – handling everything from concept to completion including collating samples, designing HealthHub brochures and customized coupon into beautiful organza bags, and shipping as new HealthHub stores open throughout the year. Ongoing training included a Care Concierge Newsletter.

  • 75K samples distributed
  • Only 14 cents per sample cost per vendor
  • Average of 10 samples per bag
  • Over $35 value in bounce-back coupon book alone

Wellness Sample Box

Wellness Sample Box

Retail chains were looking for a health & wellness program to surprise and delight customers while introducing them to a variety of product lines.

CosPro Marketing created a BEST in Wellness Sample Box Program shared and paid for by multiple vendors. The box contained $35 worth of products and retailed for $9.99. A custom coupon booklet was also included in the box, to incentivize shoppers to purchase the full-size product after trying the sample.

  • 10K boxes distributed/80K samples
  • $10 of coupons included in box
  • $35 value/retail for $9.99
  • Vendor funded = 100% profit for chain