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 CosPro Marketing works together with brands and retailers to come up with innovative solutions to specific problems as well as marketing strategies. Check out some examples of how we’ve helped clients succeed! You can also view our White Paper Reports on hot retail topics. 

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CVS Vitafusion In-Store Demo

In-Store Demonstration Featuring Vitafusion

CosPro Marketing’s Agency executed an in-store demo at 195 CVS stores in October 2023 showcasing Vitafusion gummy vitamins. They connected with 4,550 customers and a total of 932 products were sold during the event! Customers were excited to receive samples so they could taste the product before purchasing. One shopper commented “this is such a great value for the size!” and another said “my kids love Lil’ Critters!”. The event was a huge success with lots of customer interest. In addition, Brand Ambassadors were able to train 463 CVS employees on the products to assist with future sales.

  • 932 products sold
  • 7,646 samples distributed
  • 463 store associates trained on the products to help with future sales
  • 4,550 flyers distributed

In-Store Cosmetics Demo

In-Store Cosmetics

CosPro Marketing’s Agency completed 1,174 demonstrations at Ulta stores featuring Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Lipcolor and Vinyl Ink Lipcolor. A total of 2,344 products were sold during the event, with a closure rate of 200%! Customers were excited to receive samples and try testers before purchasing so they could choose the best shade for them. A customer from an Ulta store in CA commented, ‘I want them all!’ when exploring the shades with our Beauty Expert. The stores were thrilled with the events as well, with store manager comments including: “Amazing guest experience!”, “Such great energy and the team and guests loved her.” and “Very helpful! Would like to request additional dates!”

  • 200% closure rate!
  • 2,344 products sold
  • 5,888 samples distributed
  • 307 store associates trained on the products to help with future sales

Vaccine Thank You Sampling

Vaccine Thank You Sampling Program

A drugstore retailer anticipated unprecedented traf­fic in Q2-21, and wanted a way to thank customers as they came into stores for their vaccines. CosPro Marketing created a custom program to meet the retailers specific needs and timeline. A complete win-win retailer made customers happy, vendors were excited to get their samples distributed so inexpensively.

  • 3 million sample bags distributed in 3 months
  • 100% vendor sponsored – no cost to chain
  • 70 brands participated
  • Cost less than 17 cents per sample to participate
  • Chain-wide distribution – almost 10,000 stores
  • 100% turnkey

Direct Mail Postcard

Direct Mail Coupons

Cake Beauty needed a way to directly reach customers located near specific stores. CosPro Marketing designed and executed a direct mail postcard that went to targeted customers within a radius of 3 high-traffic CVS Pharmacy stores in California, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.

  • 12,000 cards were mailed
  • QR code to watch video with tracking included
  • Great alternative when samples are not available!

Teen Concert Sampling

Teen Concert Sampling

Vendors wanted a way to reach this target demographic directly and gain loyal customers for years to come. We distributed 10,000 multi-vendor sampling bags at the exits of popular concerts such as Jonas Brothers, Carrie Underwood, Shawn Mendes and more.

  • The average teenager spends $9,626.76 per year
  • 93% of parents say their children influence family and household purchases
  • Teens who work make an average of $460 per month to spend on top of what their parents shell out
  • Coupons, prizes and social media elements included
  • One vendor saw 467% website hit increase

DID YOU KNOW? We have distributed over 16 MILLION samples through our Target Market Sample Programs!

Times Square Takeover

Times Square Takeover

CosPro Marketing executed an extensive sampling event in Times Square to promote Aveeno’s Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen products with spokesmodel Jennifer Aniston projected on a huge digital billboard right in the center of Times Square. The CosPro Agency street team distributed samples and coupons to thousands of people on the streets. Plus, one of our skin experts offered demonstrations in a nearby store, helping customers choose the right products for their skin type and try out the products.

  • 10k samples distributed by our street team
  • 3 giant digital billboards featured in Times Square

Get the Look Book

Get the Look Book

As a result of the pandemic, shoppers are keeping more of a distance, and the lack of store testers means customers aren’t able to receive in-store demonstrations from beauty experts. CVS needed a way to keep beauty shoppers engaged with exciting content that would educate them on which products they can use to “get the look”.

CosPro Marketing created a program in which brands can participate in an exciting event that offers customers a free Get the Look Book including step by step tutorials and how-to’s, product suggestions, and QR codes leading to bonus content on brands’ websites. Because of the pandemic, do it yourself tutorials and coupn use are trending higher than ever. The Get the Look Book includes valuable coupons to encourage sales and makes a great take-home educational guide for customers to refer to.

  • Event includes an eye-catching table display with easel card, Get the Look Books in acrylic stand and table skirt
  • Helps associates engage with customers and build their cart
  • 70% of shoppers surveyed want interaction with associates
  • The average transaction amount soars 81% after positive interaction with an associate
  • In-store coupons have a higher redemption rate – up to 25% in our programs

Rite Aid Trade Show

Rite Aid Trade Show

Rite Aid needed a way to attract attention to Beauty Booths at their annual store management and supplier trade show, and vendors needed a way not only to attract the store managers to their booths but to engage and interact with them. CosPro Marketing created and executed an annual “game” that the store managers participated in to win prizes. Each year was a different theme and included fun elements – such as costume contests, unique prizes and game collateral. From “Boss Empowered”, an Austin Powers themed decoded message game (complete with Groovy Spa Briefcase and decoder glasses) to “Captain Rite Aid” the comic book hero who saved Rite Aid; the participation increased annually and both the vendors and the associates looked forward to it each year.

  • CosPro Marketing handled all creative design and execution for the event for 8 years
  • Included themed collateral such as tshirts, games, posters, prizes and more

HASK Scratch Off

Scratch Off Coupons

HASK didn’t have samples but wanted a way to excite and entice shoppers to try their Rose & Peach Collection. We created three scratch off coupon versions so customers could reveal $1, $2 or $3 off of a purchase. This was a great solution to provide Beauty Consultants with a fun way to interact with and engage customers, while giving them an incentive to make a purchase.

  • 10% redemption rate (versus average of 1% redemption rate for printed coupons)
  • Can be customized for a FREE product in place of samples

In-Store Demonstration

In-Store Skin Care Demonstration

CosPro Marketing’s Agency executed a skin care event featuring Clean & Clear and Neutrogena products at 75 HEB Stores. The Beauty Experts completed more than 650 demonstrations of Neutrogena’s Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes and distributed over 1,200 flyers on both brands to eager shoppers. A total of 1,365 products were sold; at least 2 products were sold for every demo completed. Many customers commented they had never heard of the products before our demonstration!

  • 209% closure rate!
  • 18 sales per store during the 4-hour event
  • 131 store associates trained on the products to help with future sales

Product Launch Book

Product Launch Book

One of our most popular programs is a high-end publication that highlights new product launches and includes a detachable coupon page. The books can be customized for consumers or store associates and can include tutorials as well as product training. High-value coupons provide Beauty Consultants the chance to try products at a low price in order to give their personal testimony and recommendations to customers. Consumer coupon brochures incentivize shoppers to bounce back into the store to purchase a new product.

  • Currently distributed at CVS; trains Beauty Consultants for 36 cents each!
  • Distributed to 750 stores
  • NEW for 2021: Gratis Testers added for Beauty Consultant Trial
  • Can be customized as a consumer publication with how-to’s, tutorials and customer coupon brochure
    • 45% of all shoppers use coupons most or all of the time

Revlon GWP


Revlon wanted to increase their cosmetic sales at Walgreens before Valentine’s Day.

CosPro Marketing implemented a gift-with-purchase including a foil stamped gift box with ribbon, retractable Revlon lip brush, Revlon Super Lustrous Love Is On Lipstick and coupon booklet. Walgreens customers received the gift with any $20 Revlon cosmetics purchase. The program was such a success that stores ran out earlier than expected!

  • Over $30K in sales with a 1 week sell-through

Customer Engagement Kits

Engagement Kits

Chain stores and vendors want a way to provide associates with sampling and education tools but do not have the resources to do it on their own.

CosPro Marketing specializes in launch kits and on-going interaction and education kits for store associates. Kits normally contain custom designed training materials, easel cards or tester/sample displays, coupons, brochures, gift-with-purchase items along with product samples and testers. These are distributed either via a shared vendor monthly beauty box that goes DSD or to the chain’s DC’s or mail bag.

  • More than 3.6 million interaction kits shipped without missing a deadline
  • 100 million+ samples distributed in-store to date
  • Saved Walgreens vendors more than $3 million annually in shipping costs
  • 25% coupon redemption rate vs. 1% for FSI coupons and 2.7% for digital coupons


Beauty Consultant Kiosk – Emma

Interactive Beauty Consultant Kiosk – Emma

Rite Aid did not have Beauty Consultants in all stores and needed a way for customers to get answers to their questions at any time.

CosPro Marketing created and implemented a test program for a Beauty Consultant Kiosk – Emma. Emma was an easy-to-use touch screen kiosk that helped consumers choose products and get up to date advice. While one full-time beauty associate would cost a store about $30,000 per year in salary, Emma was there 24/7 at a cost of less than $3,000 per year. CosPro Marketing created the back-end software system so that the vendors involved in the program could add products, videos and images on their own.

  • Estimated savings of $27K per year per store!
  • Reliable data updated daily
  • Accessible all store hours

Brand Launch Into Retail

Brand Launch Into Retail

CosPro Marketing successfully helped Yes to Carrots launch into major drugstore chains by executing a Launch Kit Program. This program, developed by CosPro Marketing, contains all of the tools that store associates need to sell a new product line to customers. Launch Kits usually include product training, consumer samples, a badge or button for store associates to wear, coupons, flyers and a training quiz that has a prize incentive for the associates who complete them.

  • Launched into 6,500 stores
  • Less than $2 cost per store
  • More than 65K sample bags distributed
  • Over 20K store associates trained

Health Hub Launch Program

Launch Program

CVS needed a way to get the new Care Concierge to interact with customers.

CosPro Marketing created a sampling and training program for 750 CVS HealthHub Stores – handling everything from concept to completion including collating samples, designing HealthHub brochures and customized coupon into beautiful organza bags, and shipping as new HealthHub stores open throughout the year. Ongoing training included a Care Concierge Newsletter.

  • 75K samples distributed
  • Only 14 cents per sample cost per vendor
  • Average of 10 samples per bag
  • Over $35 value in bounce-back coupon book alone

College Sampling

College Sampling

Chains needed a way to tap into the college student spending power of $574 billion and gain them as loyal customers. Multi-vendor sample bags were hung directly on dorm room doors as well as distributed by a brand ambassador at sororities and campus clubs

  • 83% of undergraduate college students own at least one credit card
  • 51% are self-supported through savings or jobs
  • Average college student spends $2200 annually on personal items
  • Targeted colleges within 1 mile walking distance to top drug/mass chains
  • 10,000 bags are distributed annually

DID YOU KNOW? We have distributed over 16 MILLION samples through our Target Market Sample Programs!

Kinney GWP Sample Bag

Gift with Purchase
Sample Bag

Kinney Drugs wanted to compete with the beauty subscription box programs, but shipping costs can be so high.

CosPro Marketing designed a custom gift with purchase sample bag that could be marketed in store on a high traffic endcap. The program included custom printed sleeve with product images/description, 10 samples, a coupon book, and a shelf dangler to promote it on the shelves. The bag was free with any $19.99 beauty purchase or could be purchased at $9.99.

  • 10 brands included
  • 1800 bags distributed
  • Over 1200 bags sold in 2 months
  • 87% sell through rate

Wellness Sample Box

Wellness Sample Box

Retail chains were looking for a health & wellness program to surprise and delight customers while introducing them to a variety of product lines.

CosPro Marketing created a BEST in Wellness Sample Box Program shared and paid for by multiple vendors. The box contained $35 worth of products and retailed for $9.99. A custom coupon booklet was also included in the box, to incentivize shoppers to purchase the full-size product after trying the sample.

  • 10K boxes distributed/80K samples
  • $10 of coupons included in box
  • $35 value/retail for $9.99
  • Vendor funded = 100% profit for chain

Contests and Sweepstakes

Online Sweepstakes

Four manufacturers needed last-minute management of a joint sweepstakes at Rite Aid.

CosPro Marketing saved the day by handling all the elements of a multi-tiered event for Unilever, Schick, Bayer and Kimberly Clark. The Hot Days, Cool Cash event was not only a consumer sweepstakes with a top prize of $10,000, but also had an in-store endcap, store participation contest and Single Check Rebate gift with purchase program.

  • 200K sweepstakes entries
  • 500K in sales
  • Complete management of contest including website, receipt of entries and distribution of prizes